Estate Planning

Estate planning is for everybody, not just the wealthy. Without an appropriate estate plan, your family, relatives and friends can spend a lifetime, and their life savings, battling over your assets. It can be intimidating, but it is a necessary step in ensuring that your assets end up where you want them, without the interference of the IRS or other third parties.

What we do:

We will spend time to listen to your goals and help consolidate all your documents, needed to fulfill them. 

From family and relatives, to friends and philanthropy, we’ll help you define your legacy.

We will work in partnership with you and your attorney to update your will, as well as your family trust. This will help to establish your financial security, as well as reduce tax liability and name an executor.

We will be a resource and provide ongoing advise on any major life changes that clients may have, to ensure that your beneficiaries benefit from your legacy.