Our Guiding Principals

Principal # 1

If you fail to plan, plan to fail

We believe that successful investing begins by setting measurable and attainable investment goals and objectives, and developing a clear plan for reaching those goals and objectives. Keeping this plan on track means evaluating progress on a regular, and ongoing basis.

Principal # 2

Meeting your goals and objectives is more important than beating the benchmark.

In the long run, what matters most, is whether your investments enable you to meet your goals, and objectives. We believe that earning enough to meet goals and objectives is much more important than whether the portfolio beats or trails a market benchmark.

Principal # 3

Investing is for meeting long-term goals; saving is for short-term goals.

Money that investors may need in the short-term (two years or less) should be kept in short-term investments, which protect capital. These include money market funds, bank accounts, or government bonds. Clients should only consider investments in the stock market or corporate bonds when they have money to put away to help meet a longer-term goal or objective.

Principal # 4

Broad diversification, with exposure to all parts of the stock, bond, and international markets, reduces risk.

If an investment portfolio does not fairly reflect the overall investment market in terms of balanced asset allocation (the process of dividing investments amongst different asset classes such as stocks, bonds and cash) and investment style (such as growth or value), we believe clients are taking additional risk. We judge that this is unlikely to pay off over the long term.

Principal # 5

Rebalance your portfolio regularly

Forgetting to rebalance is like letting the current steer your boat — you’ll likely end up off course. We keep your portfolio aligned with your goals and risk tolerance. Letting asset classes “drift” can eventually expose your portfolio to a level of risk that feels uncomfortable.  We rebalance semi- annually to make sure you are never off course.

Principal # 6

Pay attention to what's going on with your investments.

No investment is safe forever. Even the bluest blue chip can turn into a cow chip. The old maxim of "buy and hold forever" doesn't work very well in an economy as vibrant as exists in the world today.