Retirement Planning

Our Retirement Planning Process: The 4 steps to creating peace of mind

Creating a retirement plan personalized to you and your goals is the purpose of retirement planning at DaVinci Capital Partners and it has a 4-step process.

In our discovery phase, we have two main goals: one is to understand what a happy retirement looks like to you and the other to understand where you’re at with your finances. We will start with a document checklist to help you begin gathering the documents to help create your plan. The list may include documents to assist with other areas such as: estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning and more

Our advisors will present your investment plan that will have specific suggestions for you to help achieve your retirement goals, as well as a personalized portfolio based on your specific income needs, risk tolerance, goals and objectives.

We will start following up on the prioritized steps from your plan. This may include: Meeting your CPA regarding your tax plan, working with your estate attorney or insurance provider to assist you in protecting your loved ones.

Your assets will be invested into the appropriate diversified portfolio based on factors like risk, income needs, liquidity needs, any unique circumstances that you may have. 

You’ll meet quarterly with your advisor to review your plan. Updates will be made to your plan based on any changes in your life.

You’ll receive quarterly performance reports. You’ll also have access to: client events, educational webinars, and newsletters.